packing and shipping


From air shipments, through LCL to FCL, regardless of your needs,  we provide you with all the necessary accommodations fulfill them.

We take care of the payment handling for your orders, as well as all of the necessary documentation at the port of leave, to once again provide you with the piece of mind.

WHO   we   ARE 

WHAT can you expect


sourcing and buying 

Years of experience in sourcing out the products, gives us a huge advantage in the sourcing market. When it comes to Bali markets, our sourcing experts are local, so we know it inside and out. We keep close relationship with our suppliers, that combined with our buying power translated to possibly the best deal you can get. 

Overlooking production, and quality check of the product by our buying agents, gives you a piece of mind. Number of our returning customers simply speaks for it self.

collecting and packaging


Whether you are dealing directly with the vendors, or using our sourcing services, we will collect the goods for you from the artisans, and safely transport it to out facility for safe storage, until its time to ship it.

We offer a variety services when packaging your merchandise. Conventional wrapping, crating, special labeling, custom boxing and labeling are all available to you.

Collection, packaging as well as financials are handled by our professional friendly stuff. 



Whether you are looking for a sourcing and buying expert or a professional shipping agent in Bali-Indonesia,  you have come to the right place.

Located in Ubud-Bali, Transcontinental-Bali offers friendly and professional services that are backed by over 25 years of experience.

Our sourcing experts and purchasing agents work directly with the manufacturers and home industries in Bali and other surrounding Indonesian islands

Services we offer 

  • sourcing the merchandise

  • purchasing services

  • monitoring the production

  • quality control of goods

  • collection of merchandise

  • packing and packaging 

  • warehousing

  • shipping of goods via cargo (LCL), full container (FCL) and Air freight

  • administrative and legation shipping monitoring

  • payment handling for customer orders